Observation 96072A

Greg Roberts (grr@da.saao.ac.za)
Tue, 21 Jan 1997 08:31:36 +0200

Morning all,
Observation on 20th Jan 1997 from my usual site of 96072A as follows:
#24680 96072A 19h52m59.3s UT RA 11h47.7m,Dec -40d19' (J2000)
There may be a slight timing error-I had no time signals for about 10 minutes
either side of the observation so had to stop the one stopwatch against my
other stopwatch which I use as a "clock". This earlier had as error of about
1.5 seconds and I have corrected the time above for this.
#24681 96072B -- looked for it but not seen.Shadow entry was predicted for 8
degrees and I cannot access this elevation from my site using my 5 inch
tracking telescope so I tried 7x50 binoculars. Since I could not see any
stars fainter than about 3rd magnitude in the binoculars,due mainly to city
orange sky glow, Im not suprised I did not see 96072B. Without having done a
long term check on passes from my location it would appear that I have little
chance of seeing 96072B again - pity, it was fun while it lasted.Meanwhile
I will continue to observe 96072A as long as its not too late during work
days until this also will be lost to us southern hemisphere observers as
winter approaches.