Observing Program of the BWGS

Kurt Jonckheere (kjonckheere@unicall.be)
Tue, 21 Jan 1997 22:42:41 +0100

Observing Program of the BWGS

The Belgian Working Group Satellites has been active in collecting flash
period measurements since 1987. Our priority list contains over 200

New in the E-mail archive : Overview of BWGS program (including recent 

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Our observing programme can be found in the Program.rob file.  
It is subdivided in categories, the codes of which can be found below.

b       flashing object for beginners
d       difficult to measure
S       steady object, potentially flashing in the future
?       flash period is unknown or uncertain
-       long flash period (>40 s)
!       top-priority object
	regular object

Special remarks                                 

NEW objects :
59-  7 A       NEW, was flashing in '92 according to Jay
66-  5 N       NEW, sometimes flashing according to Leo
74- 48 B -     NEW, flashing with long period
79- 62 D       NEW, seen flashing by Jay Respler 
81- 81 B       NEW, seen flashing with long period by Leo Barhorst 
86- 19BJ       NEw, flashing according to Russell Eberst 
91-  7 B !     NEW, has accelerated !

Top-priority objects :
80- 98 B !     12445/Centaur Intelsat 5A-2, accelerated ?
82- 55 B !     13260/C1 Kosmos 1375, seen with short period by LB
84- 56 B !     15032/C1 Kosmos 1570: accelerated according to Leo 
85- 41 B !x    15752/C1 Kosmos 1655: short period seen by LB
85- 79 B !     16012/C1 Kosmos 1680, low period seen by LB, accelerated ?
86-100 B !     17240/C1 K1808; Accelerating ?, seen with high and low period!
87- 74 G !x    18340/F2 Tsyklon Kosmos 1875-1880: acceleration confirmed
87- 98 B !     18586/C1 Kosmos 1898: still accelerating
89- 50 B !     20104/Nadeshda 1 r, started flashing again acc. to LB !
89- 85 B !     20303/Navstar 2-04 second stage, flashing acc. to VAG
90- 78 B !     20775/C1 Kosmos 2098: could have accelerated 
90- 83 B !     20805/C1 Kosmos 2100: acceleration confirmed by Kurt J
91-  7 B !     NEW, has accelerated !
91- 50 F !     21610/Ariane 40 R/B : seen flashing by Vince Gardiner
92-  8 B !x    21876/C1 Kosmos 2180: accelerating ! ! 
92- 20 B !     21938/C1 Kosmos 2184: going down slowly !?
92- 30 J !     21984/C1 Kosmos 2187-2194: accelerated !
92- 76 B !     22220/J1 Zenit,Kosmos 2219: flashing again !
93- 36 B !     22676/C1 Kosmos 2251 : MMjump, accelerating ?
93- 67 B !     22876/C1 Kosmos 2265 accelerated ?
93- 70 B !     22889/C1 Kosmos 2266: MMjump, also accelerated ?

Observers of December 1996/ January 1997 
 JHR:   Jay Respler, USA
 JVS:   Jan Vansteelandt, Leuven, Belgium
 KJ:    Kurt Jonckheere, Antwerp, Belgium      
 LB:    Leo Barhorst, Alkmaar, The Netherlands
 RE:    Russell Eberst, Edinburgh, Scotland
 TC:    Tristan Cools, Brugge, Belgium
 RGL:   Ron Lee, USA
 VAG:   Vince Gardiner, Coffs Harbour, Australia
 WN:    Walter Nissen, USA
 WV:    Willy Verhaegen, Wetteren, Belgium

Total number of observations received: 309

Next deadline for sending in observations: February 12, 1997 to Kurt Jonckheere
Sanderusstraat 15, bus 3, B-2018 Antwerpen, Belgium
or by e-mail to ppas@cds.plasma.mpe-garching.mpg.de (changed !)  

If you still have observations of flashing satellites which were made in 1996, 
but you haven't found time to send them to us, please do it as soon as 
All observations are appreciated very much.  

Till now, I've received about 3100 observations made during 1996, 
a lot more than in 1995.  Thanks a lot to all observers !!
We planned to create an overview of 1996 around March.  

If you send your observations to Seesat-L, please also send them DIRECTLY
to ppas@cds.plasma.mpe-garching.mpg.de (changed !).  This is just a 
small amount of additional work for you, but it makes live much easier 
for me.

Happy observing,

Kurt Jonckheere (kjonckheere@unicall.be)
Observations collector of the Belgian Working Group Satellites

       Kurt Jonckheere (kjonckheere@unicall.be)  51.2 N  2.9 E   
  Latest accelerations : http://uc2.unicall.be/kjonckheere/index.htm 
    observations collector for the Belgian Working Group Satellites: 
Send your observations of flashing satellites, preferrably in the correct
     PPAS format to ppas@cds.plasma.mpe-garching.mpg.de