Orbit 71110 objects

Greg Roberts (grr@da.saao.ac.za)
Wed, 22 Jan 1997 11:30:24 +0200

Orbits of 71110 objects:

I have just seen the new elements Ted Molczan has posted re the orbits of 71110
objects and compared them to the radio elements derived by Raoul Behrend and
myself from over 1500 doppler measurements. I also checked against a possible
visual sighting by me,using the "radio" elements,made on the 2nd January 1997
and it looks like I did in fact see 71110C, running steady at magnitude 8. I
have also run the radio element set (posted by me a few days ago) against Teds
latest elements and the agreement is,to put it mildly,excellant and certainly
if anyone had tried the radio elements,( plus the error of running 40 second
late on the radio element set announced a few days ago by me), they would have
seen the satellite. A prediction for today and my location,using the new and
radio element set gives:

radio:    16h08m41s UTC azimuth 248 deg elevation 73 degrees
          adding the 40 sec error gives 16h09m21s
Teds set: 16h09m22s UTC azimuth 247deg elevation 69 degrees

The radio set elevation would have been less due to the 40sec more for the
orbit plane to move, so the agreement is excellant.I am sure that Raoul will
be just as proud as I am that our mutual doppler tracking , with very modest
equipment, has been such a success in deriving elements and Raoul is to be
congratulated on his doppler analysis software.
Sorry for the rambling but Ive got to share my excitement with others!