Positions 22 Jan 97

Greg Roberts (grr@da.saao.ac.za)
Thu, 23 Jan 1997 08:31:23 +0200

Hi all,
Positions obtained 22 Jan from my usual(one and only) site:
#23907 NOSS 2-3r  19h53m15.2s UT  RA 23h58.9m,Dec -64d56' (J2000) fair position
       very nice flasher !
#24680 96072A 20h49m15.2s UT RA 10h41m51s Dec -79d47' mag 6 steady-good position
       (occulted bright star HD93237 ). Time signals okay ( for a change!)

Has anyone had experience using A GPS receiver for satellite positional work?
With the problem I have in receiving time signals via shortwave radio I dont
seem to have much choice other than to generate my own time signals and either
use GPS or the old US Navy Transit and Soviet navsats to keep my system "on
time". Years ago I used a system whereby I used a 100Khz crystal in a a           
temperature controlled oven,divided the 100Khz down to 50 hz,fed the 50 hz to
a power amplifier to supply 220v AC at 50 Hz and use this to drive a digital
or analog clock running on 50 Hz- worked fine at the time but all the bits
and pieces liable to explode ( from old age) if I switch it on now. The Transit
satellites give a nice tone every even minute on the minute,whilst the Soviet
navsats give second pulses-allowing for propogation delay one should be able
to use these signals to reset a clock if necessary.(Both the Transits and
Sovnavs operate very close to 150 MHz and provide excellant signals)