Year 2000

John Corby (
Sat, 25 Jan 1997 14:22:11 -5

There has been a lot of discussion recently about the impending "Year 2000
problem" in which the system clocks of thousands of computers will become
dazed and confused after December 31st 1999.

The problem affects many older PC's and will make satellite tracking a trifle 
difficult if not corrected. One of the computers that I use at my station is an 
IBM PS2/50 (my main TLE processing computer). When I tested it for "Year 
2000-itis" it failed miserably.

Fortunately there is a simple cure. The folks at RighTime have produced a piece 
of simple code which can be placed in your autoexec.bat file to correct the 
mis-interpretation of the time data produced by your system BIOS.

I have placed this piece of FREEWARE on the HearSat website. It worked
for me - if you have an old PC you may also want to try it out. Goto and click on "Setting your PC Clock". 
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