MSX Delta reentry over Texas ?

Bjoern Gimle (
Mon, 27 Jan 1997 23:32:05 +0100 (MET) (Allen Thomson) wrote:

>   This from one of the semi-UFO groups.  People following 
>reentries might like to see if the object can be associated with 
>any known decays.
>   Some have speculated that the object may be connected to 
>reports of a bright streak of light early Wednesday that 
>officials believe was a Delta II rocket body re-entering the 
>atmosphere and burning up, Knox said. 
>   However, weather service employees told Guadalupe County 
>deputies that a co-worker saw what she thought might have been a 
>meteor fall to earth in the general area of Longcope's field 
>around 6:30 a.m. on Jan. 15, Friesenhahn said. 

(I have no candidate for this yet)
>   APTV-01-24-97 2153CST
The days/dates in Allen's mail confused me; and last week I was on
a business trip and had trouble getting elsets. Alan Pickup, myself,
and OIG had the MSX Delta rocket #23852, 5.9 x 2.4 m according to
Molczan elsets, on our decay lists.

I didn't check the decay predictions until Vladimir Agapov asked about
a ...-52 B (UNAMSAT), and later posted the SPACEWARN decay notices
about the impending decay. OIG 60-day prediction posted Jan.22 but
dated Jan.15 set the decay date as Jan.17, Alan has Jan.22 on his
SatEvo #23, dated Jan.16

The track of the final(?) elset and orbit (very high MM, low orbit)
is right across Texas at about 3:38 (UTC-6h), very close to 3:40,
as indicated by a mail from Joe Dellinger. The track passes slightly
W of Tulsa, OK to slightly E.of San Antonio, TX.

MSX r            5.9  2.4  0.0  5.6 d
1 23852U 96024  B 97 22.37676412  .00000000  24109-5  41939-3 0  4307
2 23852  96.5767 344.6986 0013684 128.9053 231.6615 16.61056074 42086

The SkyMap chart of the tracks, from an elevation of 2500 km, is
available on my page

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