Observation 96072A

Greg Roberts (grr@da.saao.ac.za)
Wed, 29 Jan 1997 09:13:07 +0200

Greetings all,
Herewith position observation made last night- Jan 28,1997 from my usual site:
#24680  96072A  20h 18m 47.6s UT  RA 13h56.0m  Dec -54d10' (J2000)
mag 8 - rather low down in sky ( elevation 13 degrees) and in bright orange
city glow-satellite about magnitude 8 steady.Running 29.6 sec early on predicts.
Reasonable time signals for a change!
I dont think Im going to have this satellite for long before its too low for me
to observe- unless I demolish surrounding houses etc,so hope to make a few more
obs this week.One problem I have is coastal cloud- being very close (4-5 km)
to Table Mountain we have a "local" weather system and evening cloud is a
regular occurance,especially after a hot day ( 28-30 deg C )- of course in
winter we have almost continuous cloud and drizzle!