Re: Reentry over Texas?

Bill Bard (
29 Jan 1997 08:43:33 -0500

From: Ed Cannon

>If the fallen objects were from the decaying MSX Delta rocket, how 
>should the statement by USSPACECOM that "it's not one of ours" be 

Well, USSPACECOM has been wrong in the past (ie Mars 96 and others). My 
guess is that statement was from a public affairs person. The people in 
the know are probably not allowed to talk to the press. Two questions to 
ask USSPACECOM are where did the MSX upper stage reenter and what did the =

DSP early warning satellite show at the indicated time and place?

Thanks for the pictures. Regarding the second object:

>The second object was at least 2 meters long and well over one meter in 
>diameter.  It had rounded ends and was somewhat similar to a large 
>propane tank except that it appeared to lack whatever you call the hump 
>in the middle of a propane tank.  It appeared to have some possible 
>tube or hose connecting sites on it somewhere.

Does it look anything like what I think is the combustion chamber (the 
part right above the nozzle). It would be interesting to have someone 
from McDonnell Douglas who works on the Delta 2 comment on the objects. 

Bill Bard