Introduction (Delayed)

Bryan Dort (
Wed, 29 Jan 1997 22:06:33 -0500

Hello all,

Here is my introduction that was requested in the mail list subscription =
confirmation (sorry for the delay):

My name is Bryan Dort and I am employed as a Computer Programmer.  I =
live on the sunrise side of Michigan, on the shores of Lake Huron, in =
the city of Alpena (45.0524N 83.4575W 200m).  I work at Alpena General =
Hospital and program mostly on the IBM AS/400 (model 510).  I do some PC =
programming (mostly JAVA lately) and spend a lot of time with my wife =
Lesslee and our two children Jessica and Amanda.

I have always been fascinated by the space program (mostly NASA) and I =
remember seeing my first satellite pass overhead when I was about 10 yrs =
old.  The thought that something so little could be seen from so far =
away with the naked eye was very exciting.  I was hooked.

I have no education in physics, orbital theory, astronomy (except one =
class in college), nor "rocket science."  I just have a great interest =
in tracking satellites and viewing them from my favorite lawnchair in my =
front yard or down at the beach (in the warm months). =20

Some of my other interests include (although I have little time to =
pursue many of them):  boat building; cross-country skiing; internet; =
and cooking.

I can make these promises to you all:  I will attempt to always give =
credit where due; I will not ask a question if it I know it has already =
been asked; I will try to help other newbies like me who are just =
starting out observing satellites; I will not waste the bandwidth and =
everyone's time with off-topic nonsense (forgive last month's message =
about clouds, we get a lot of them here and its rather frustrating.  I =
have come to the conclusion that winter in upper Michigan is not the =
time/place to observe satellites); and I will always try to keep an eye =
on the horizon for a new bird.

Thanks for letting me join your fun!

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