Fame comes to Bjoern

Allen Thomson (thomsona@netcom.com)
Thu, 30 Jan 1997 15:47:26 -0800

ecannon@mail.utexas.edu (Ed Cannon)

>This regards a follow-up TV report and Web page supplement (with photos) 
>by an Austin station regarding the possible debris in Texas of the decay 
>of MSX Rk (96-24B, 23852):


>There are photos of the debris on the ground, the MGS Delta II being
>prepared for launch, and Mr. Bjoern Gimle!  They also have a copy of
>Bjoern's groundtrack map.

   Wow! I'll bet Bjoern never thought he'd be famous in Texas.  And
as a UFO sleuth, yet!   ;->

   I'm very pleased that the TV station seems to have treated this
story reasonably seriously, and gave due credit to the amateur 
satellite observers involved.