Re: Another TV report re: 96-24B (23852, MSX Rk)

jr909 (
Thu, 30 Jan 1997 17:10:01 -0800

Ed Cannon wrote: 
>This regards a follow-up TV report and Web page supplement (with 
>photos) by an Austin station regarding the possible debris in
>Texas of the decay of MSX Rk (96-24B, 23852):
>Headline:  "Unidentified Falling Objects Mystery Solved"
>Lead paragraph:  "K*EYE Witness News, with the help of the 
>international sattellite-watching [sic] community, has apparently 
>solved the mystery of fallen objects found in Texas."
>There are photos of the debris on the ground, the MGS Delta II being
>prepared for launch, and Mr. Bjoern Gimle!  They also have a copy of
>Bjoern's groundtrack map.
>Ed Cannon
>Austin, Texas, USA
>30.30N, 97.73W

Interesting web page!

Since I'm just a novice, can someone answer my questions
and/or set me straight. I thought that almost all space
debris completely burned up on re-entry. I know that there
were public alerts in the case of Spacelab and some others
in which case I understood that the objects were too massive
to burn up completely. So why is this case different in that
these objects landed in Texas somewhat intact instead of
burning up? And no public warnings?

Jake Rees
Burbank, Calif.