RE: evening viewing

Jeff Hunt (
Sat, 10 Jan 98 22:41:54


I blew the time conversion in my previous message. It should be 
22:45:20 UT (17:45:20 EST)

Jeff Hunt

--- On Sat, 10 Jan 98 19:44:41  Jeff Hunt <> wrote:

>While I was waiting for the next Iridium to come up from the south I saw 
>another satellite pass close (within 1-2 degrees) to the south (below) 
>Saturn in a west to east direction at 17:45:20 UT. It was slightly 
>orange in color, moving slower than Mir and reminded me of a Lacrosse 
>satellite, although not quite that orange. 

>I tried to ID it with the molczan elset provided in the first week of 
>January, but the closest I came was to OAO 2r/3598/68110B. The track and 
>time look good, but the magnitude value given in the file is 5.0d so I 
>doubt it was that satellite.