UNID geoflasher identified

12 Jan 1998 18:25:43 -0800

Hi All,

Dan Karcher recently mentioned an observation by Pierre
Neirinck made at MALO-les-BAINS (51.05236N, 2.40426E, 9m)
on January 11th at 6:47 UTC, of a flashing satellite located at
RA 12h 46m, DEC -2.4, +/- .7deg.  Dan identified three candidates
as Raduga 11 (82113A), NATO 3D (84115A) and IUS R/B (91054D).

I am quite confident that Pierre saw the last of these three, which
was an IUS associated with TDRS 5.  Using SDP4 propagation of
elements a couple weeks old, TDRS 5 was predicted to be at
RA 12h 49.2m, Dec -2.43 (J2000).  Pierre's observation is right
on track; the TDRS 5 IUS was about 3 1/2 minutes late.  Although
NATO 3D and Raduga 11 were nearby, they were on parallel tracks
with sufficient crosstrack error to be ruled out.  --Rob