Re: Millennium Star Atlas - a review

Ron Lee (
Wed, 14 Jan 1998 07:11:43 -0700

At 07:30 AM 1/14/98 +0100, you wrote:
>>Dear SeeSaters,
>>I hope this will be helpful to those of you who are 
>>seriously into Star Atlases.
>With all respect to the qualified observers who cosider it required,
>I have since about three years solely used SkyMap to reduce observations.
>The displays can easily be zoomed so a pixel is less than an arcsecond,
>and printouts are even more accurate, I believe the star data and 
>precession/nutation is as accurate, and you get coordinate readout on
>the screen of cursor and objects to higher accuracy!
Bjoern is almost certainly correct about Skymap.   Before Skymap's stars when
faint enough...and Rob installed the mirror reverse option, I used Guide
software to get charts with faint stars and in a mirror reverse mode to
geosynchs, Molniya's, etc.   On my Lunar Iridium observation, I still used
but Skymap with the Hipparcos database would have been enough.

Rather than spend $250 on a printed atlas, consider trying Skymap and see
if it
meets your observing and position reduction needs.   

The added benefit is that you can throw the printed charts away when you
are done
or save them.  

Ron Lee