Skymap 6.1 update.

Neil Clifford (
Thu, 22 Jan 1998 15:46:45 +0000 (GMT)

Hello folks,

Another skymap announcement. Rob has just sent me updates to 6.1
including a version for machines without a maths co-processor. The files
are at the ftp site in

where you will find (maths co-processor version) and (non maths coprocessor version). In the same directory are
the auxiliary zipfile and the Hipparcos star database
files (,,, that Jeff rightly
pointed out in a recent posting. Note that is in fact an
upgrade of the earlier I placed on the ftp site yesterday. The
file that Rob refers to (below) is also at the above

Some information from Rob Matson himself:

 This is a quick 1 for 1 replacement for the 6.1 shareware executable I
 sent you just a few hours ago.  It has a simple change which makes it
 easier to plot the tracks of objects like NEAR.  The original
 rocket-track feature assumed no times in the .TRJ file would need to be
 less than zero, since this would be "before launch". The program
 *accepted* negative time entries -- it just ignored them.  But negative
 time entries are very useful for objects like NEAR, since it allows you
 to set up the trajectory so that T=0 corresponds to a point close to the
 time of interest, e.g. the glint time.  By allowing negative times, you
 can see the track both before and after the point of interest.
 I have a sample .CFG file (NEAR_LA.CFG) that shows the track as seen
 from Los Angeles on Thursday night, covering a timespan that includes
 the expected time of the glint -- 10:40pm PST (6:40am UTC Friday
 morning).  A second .CFG file (LA_ZOOM.CFG) shows the same track, but
 zoomed in much closer.  People can use these .CFG files as templates for
 their own specific locations.  All they need to do is change their site
 coordinates WITHOUT changing the map time.  The time has to remain 6:40
 am UTC on 1998/1/23 (or the equivalent local time) since the rocket
 trajectory file (NEAR_640.TRJ) is tied to the map date/time.  I've
 attached a zip file (NEAR_SKY.ZIP) which contains these two .CFG files
 and the trajectory file.

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