Incredible Iridium 32 flare

Tristan Cools (
Thu, 22 Jan 1998 20:59:16 +0100 (MET)


This evening I tried to observe an almost daylight Iridium flare.  'Iriflar'
predicted a mag -8 flare from Iridium 32 at 16:18:13 UTC for my location at
Bruges, Belgium on 22 Jan 98.

With a Sun elevation of only -0.62 degrees the Iridium flare showed up at
approximately the predicted time and became, what I think, even brighter
than magnitude -8, maybe reaching mag -9.  It was visible for approximately
3 seconds.


Tristan Cools
BWGS Member - Belgian Working Group Satellites

Observing at:

Damse Vaart: 3.2486E/51.2279N
Rijckevelde: 3.2867E/51.2054N
Brugge:      3.1611E/51.2108N