Conrad Kirksey (
Fri, 1 Jan 1999 20:07:22 -0500

In a previous message I stated that the OIG
file was being updated five (5) hours earlier than usual.
I would like to make a correction.
The file update has slipped twelve (12) hours.
What is passing as today's update is really yesterday's
update appearing very late.
For instance, today's update was dated:
1999/01/01  6:23:30
The time shown is UTC.
This was 11:23 EST, 31-Dec-98 and it contained only 14 99001
epoch dates.
This file was once updated at approx. 18:00 UTC (the middle
of their working day). Now it is being updated at approx.
06:00 UTC (late on their working day).
Conrad Kirksey,
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