Re: Cosmos 2228?

Sat, 02 Jan 1999 00:41:32 -0500

Sroller wrote:
> I've been working though Kelso's 100 (or so) Brightest Satellites (about 140
> satellites) for over a year. 

Well, actually, I compile the list and send it to Kelso. He does the daily
updating of the elements.

> Last night was hunting for Cosmos 2228 (NORAD catalog number 22286).
> Caught it go through the constellation Perseus around 22:43 UTC, Jan. 1, and
> continued to track it about another minute.  I'm wondering if I saw this LEO
> Cosmos satellite. It appeared to get brighter quite irregularly and was
> visible the whole time.  I was expecting to see a fairly constant magnitude,
> but this object seemed to vary better than a few magnitudes.  It almost
> seemed like it was out of control.  Any clues?

That was just the right time and position. My predictions show it as
mag 3.  Many sats can vary in brightness, so yes, you can say you saw it.

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