GPS rollover - was Y2K Problem....

Philip Chien (
Mon, 4 Jan 1999 03:08:31 -0500

Mike DiMuzio <> said:

>	MSNBC news web page had a article today on
>the upcoming dates of when Y2K problems will surface.  One
>date in particular stood out:

The GPS rollover feature is not a Y2K problem.  About the only thing they
have in common is they're both associated with counter rollovers.

Y2K is much more pervasive because of its common usage in almost every
aspect of every day life.  (Just got my new checks in - and they are "Y2K"
compatible - e.g. they don't already have 19__ written in for the year).

The GPS rollover will occur on August 22, 1999.  The "feature" has been
documented in the GPS specifications from the beginning, with the
understanding that it's the receiver manufacturer's responsibility to
account for it when writing software.

Here's the Naval Observatory WWW site with details -

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