Re: Daylight flares.

Tue, 05 Jan 1999 01:09:21 -0500

Paolo Bussola wrote:
> Did anyone observe daylight flares?

I've seen a few. 30 of us saw a great one during Eurosom in Edinburgh.

> How your impression is?

Not as spectacular as those at night. But it is interesting to realize
you're actually seeing a satellite in daytime.
The reaction from those at Eurosom was loud cheering and applause.
In the archive, you can find a message I posted to SeeSat-L in early Nov.

> Are there images of this particular event on the web?

I don't know of any. I do have a nice video of the video that Björn
took of that -8 flare.

> Any tricks?

Try to stand in the shade. It is important to accurately locate the
area of sky to look at.  Flare will only be visible a second or 2.
It doesn't stand out the way a night flare does.
Jay Respler
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