Re: Irid 11A plus other sightings

Wed, 06 Jan 1999 02:31:33 -0500 wrote:
> As i was tracking Iridium 11A r as it headed south, i noticed a -4 magnitude
> glint about 5-10 degrees east of it at 00:37:40 at about 60 degrees. At
> first i thought it may have been a tumbling Iridium but then i remembered
> that Gblstr 1 Dlt r #25166 was due to pass by at that time and checking
> later on, it matched the track of the glint.

I have long felt that virtually ANY satellite can flash under the right
conditions. Some have disagreed saying, what is there to cause a flare on 
a rocket?  I don't know, but this confirms my reply to the frequent 
question, 'Can satellite xx that I saw last night, flare'?  My answer is, 
yes, almost any sat can flare.

Jay Respler
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