Meteor 1-6 reentry watch

Matson, Robert (
Thu, 7 Jan 1999 12:50:18 -0800

Hi All,

If there are any lurkers in Hawaii, you might keep an eye out for
Meteor 1-6 reentering this afternoon.  It makes a nice high pass
for Honolulu at around 3:08 UT (Jan 8), about 45 degrees above
the western horizon heading south to north.  Reentry is expected
about 80 minutes later, but 3:08 is well within the possible window.
The sun will still be low in the southwest, so you'll only see it if
it happens to actually be reentering.  Of course, if it IS going to
reenter over Hawaii, you'll need to start looking early because it
will mean that the satellite is lower and faster than the current
estimated elements.  --Rob