Re-entry of Cosmos 2335

Alan Pickup (
Thu, 7 Jan 1999 23:02:22 +0000

Romulo Rodriguez posted this additional information in the sci.astro.amateur
newsgroup today:

> After receiving observational data from several places in Venezuela I could
> conclude that the object flew over the Valencia Lake at an altitude of 26-30
> km going SSE. The observations gathered in Aruba and Curacao by Alan Pickup
> give us an estimated altitude of 43-44 km when it crossed the sky over
> Curacao. That give us an entry angle of around 3.3 degrees. If some pieces
> actually hit the ground, which I have not confirmed yet, the impact area
> should be somewhere in the Guarico state or Bolivar state in southern
> Venezuela, 320 km or more SSE of the Valencia Lake.
> Romulo Rodriguez
> Cagua, Venezuela

The event has obviously created quite a stir and I was interviewed yesterday
by a local radio station in Curacao.

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