Meteor 1-6 sighting
Thu, 7 Jan 1999 18:01:48 -0700 (MST)

Another clear and crisp sky here and even with a not so dark sky i saw
Meteor 1-6 #04583 as it zoomed pass at an altitude of 150km. I first spotted
a sharp negative flash towards the SE and moments later Meteor 1-6 appeared.
I counted a total of 5 negative flashes and a couple lesser flashes during
it's entire transit. The only time i was able to get was 00:20:02 +/- 2 s 08
Jan UTC when it was directly due east of me, the back of my house faces due
east so the direction is correct. The prediction had 00:20:08 at 110 degrees
so it was a few seconds early going with this elset:

Meteor 1-6       5.0  1.5  0.0  5.8 v            151 x 150 km
1 04583U 70085A   99007.88321318  .09296594  68668-1  25834-3 0 95684
2 04583  81.1064 352.3103 0000340 104.8557 255.1481 16.45840577550863

It was a very spectacular pass, the culmination point was quite noticable at
the speed it was travelling. The pass of ISS almost paled by comparission.
Thanks to those who provide all of us with up to date numbers and objects of
interest to look for.