Unidentified Satellite

Jim Carter (jcarter@casagrande.com)
Thu, 07 Jan 1999 20:37:18 -0700

I would like to know
if anyone can help
me id a sat. I saw
this morning.  My
location is Casa
Grande, AZ (32.90N &
111.74W).  It would
have been approx.
1328 UCT (0628
MST).  It was
West-to-East at
approx. 60 degrees
elevation and
between 335 to 350
degrees azimuth.  It
went right thru the
cup of the Big
Dipper.  I was not
able to watch it to
the end.  I check
DLR's list, and
tried Spysat, but
came up empty.

Thanks for your

Jim C.