Introducing myself
Fri, 8 Jan 1999 14:10:31 EST

Hi everyone,

Having just subscribed to the mailing list I guess I should introduce  myself,
as the welcoming notes suggest...

I'm an amateur astronomer and author of children's astronomy and  spaceflight
books living in a town called Cockermouth (birthplace of  poet William
Wordsworth, Bounty mutineer Fletcher Christian and  astronomer Fearon Fallows)
in the NW of England (54.28 N, -3.30 W),  where I run the astronomy society. I
collect meteorites and hope to  have my first kids sci-fi novel published this

My interest in satellites is mainly in making naked eye observations  of MIR,
ISS, Shuttle and Iridiums, the "bright, boring ones", and  "sharing" the
satellites with as many people as possible. From what  I've seen of the list
postings so far I seem to be a little out of my depth, but I'll learn... :-)

Looking forward to the discussions ahead!

Stuart Atkinson

("Stu" from now on...)