Reentry Alert

Matson, Robert (
Fri, 8 Jan 1999 14:41:14 -0800

Hi All,

A quick reentry alert for the United States.  Lacrosse 2 R/B
(#21148) will make a descending node pass tonite (Friday,
Jan. 8th) at about 9:35 pm EST.  Northern New Hampshire
and southern Maine are on the reentry track.  The track
heads out over the Atlantic just off the coast of Massachusetts.
Boston and Cape Cod would have an excellent view of the
reentry if it happens to occur at this time.  (Recent prediction
by Alan Pickup is for reentry around an hour later than this

As Alan indicated earlier, the next track across the U.S.
goes diagonally from the northwest corner of Minnesota
(4:00 UT) to Tallahassee, Florida (4:05 UT).  Favored major
cities on this pass include:

Winnepeg, Manitoba (4:00 UT)
Minneapolis/St. Paul (4:01 UT)
Cedar Rapids and Davenport, Iowa (4:02)
Peoria, Springfield, and St. Louis, Missouri (4:02:30)
Nashville, Tennessee (4:03:30)
Decatur/Huntsville/Birmingham, Alabama (4:04)
Montgomery, Alabama (4:04:30)
Tallahassee, Florida (4:05)

Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Tampa, Sarasota and Fort Myers,
Florida are all close to the ground track which is just off shore
in the Gulf of Mexico around 4:06 UT -- i.e. 11:06pm EST on
Friday night.  The track passes directly over Key West at
4:06:30.  Havana, Cuba is just west of the track at 4:07.