Frosty evening in UK
Sat, 9 Jan 1999 14:40:29 EST

Hi List,

Brief report on a good evening's satellite "haul"... apologies in advance if
this isn't "technical" enough for some people; it's just a spectacular night
here and I wanted to share it with people unfortunate enough to be clouded

It's a *beautifully* clear evening here in Cockermouth: sparkling sky, stars
glinting like diamonds on black velvet, the grass beneath my feet white and
brittle, crackling with frost... it's like observing the night sky from
Narnia... :-)

Two Iridiums seen very clearly: Iridium 76 at 17.33, a mag -3 sapphire blue
beacon below and to the left of Jupiter, really putting it to shame... and
then, at 18.59, Iridium 28, lower and a little fainter at -2.

And as a bonus a lovely pass of ISS, mag 1.2 I estimated, arcing gracefully
beneath the Square Of Pegasus and continuing on towards Orion... whatever your
feelings about the value of ISS you have to agree that seeing it in the sky,
knowing what it will eventually become, is a real kick... I still feel a
shiver run up my spine when I think back to seeing it and Endeavour sailing
across the sky a few weeks ago...

Good hunting everyone further west of me now...