GLONASS Satellites Observed

Ron Lee (
Mon, 11 Jan 1999 02:02:18 GMT

For my first obs of 1999, I observed (finally) several objects from
the last launch of 1998.

First was the Block DM upper stage (#25598) at 01:24 UT (11 Jan 99).
It was about 9th magnitude and tumbling. I planned on getting a period
but was unable to determine adequate timing points.

At 01:43 UT the three nav satellites showed up.  All three were
eventually seen in the field of view at the same time. The last one
(#25593) was also about 9th magnitude. The two preceding objects
(#25593/94) were noticeably fainter at about 10.5.

Used an 8" telescope in Falcon, CO USA

Ron Lee