Unidentified re-entry (?) over Venezuela

Chris Peat (Chris.Peat@dlr.de)
Tue, 12 Jan 1999 08:40:14 +0100

Hi all,
I have had several messages from an observer in Aruba, Dutch Caribbean,
regarding observations of a possible satellite re-entry at the end of
December. I have suggested to him that he join the Seesat mailing list, but
in the meantime, could anyone please help with the identification. Here is a
summary of his e-mails (he also sent me photographs he took, but there was
an error in the encoding and I couldn't see them).

Thanks for any help,

----Summary of messages---
Alfredo E. Pichardo (millennium@satarnet.aw)
P.O.Box 485,
ARUBA, Dutch Caribbean.

My contacting you is with regards to two observations made and pictures
taken with a 35mm camera using 100 ASA film with a 600 mm lens.
The pictures involves objects seen for the first time on Dec 29th, 1998
at 18.48Lt Aruba and again on the night of Dec 31st, 1998 at 23.16Lt
Aruba and the objects were very bright and moving very, but very fast.
These moved from North to South passing overhead Aruba and crossing
Venezuela over what is
known as the Peninsula of Paraguana and left behind a very large track
or "tail" in dark orange to yellow/white colors and always moving at the
same length and distance behind the brilliant object or UFO.
While crossing over Aruba it slowed down somewhat, than started moving
at the original speed but increased thereafter tremendously moving like
a falling object but was not falling or burning, except for the "tail"
she left behind showed an increase in speed and change of coloring to

Altitude was estimated to be around 200 miles plus and no sound or
engines could be heard and it
was moving faster than any satellite seen or known and besides was
totally different from any meteor or satellite observed before.
These two bright objects as seen after blowing-up the negatives have
what we could consider to be a diamond shaped head and have the same
color as the "tail"
You will note some slight shaking while taking these pictures.

Would like to have any comments, details or explanations that you might
be able to come up with to help me solve this case as to whether on
those two days we had any comets, meteors, satellites etc., moving close
the globe that it could be seen as the pictures describe.
It was nothing burning-up and was not a high-flying aircraft nor a man
made satellite or airplane, from my experience of course and the
"secret" planes they say that the US Military has cannot fly at this
altitude and are neither spy-planes as pressumed in this cases.
The latest version of what used to  be the U-2 could not move this fast
at an altitude of the Ionosphere or above and neither, to my believe,
could the military spy-plane called the "Aurora", known as 'project
aurora' probably a name taken from the Aurora Borrealis.
This object was travelling at least 5 to 7 times faster than any
satellite know so far and the only possibility, if it was in space could
just maybe be the "Colombia" Space Shuttle.

This object in both ocassions left a trail like afterburners of the
jet-fighter planes but were at least
100 times longer than the object itself and a lot wider. It gives the
sensation that a large meteor was
burning while passing just out of earth's atmosphere.
An astronomist said that it could have something to do with the sun's
intense heat basking the aluminum body of the satellite, thus 'cooking'
the thin upper-atmosphere that the satellite may be cruising-in, but he
never saw the pictures I hold on diskettes and which I plan to send you
via Email possible by latest tomorrow.
Inclusive, the speed that this object had could not be compared to the
slower speed of the satellites or the Space Station "Freedom"

How about the Cosmos 2335 (Russian Satelite) which went down in
Venezuelan territory and that
the local authorities there have not being duly notified of the very
high radiation factor of this unit, which could result in an
International conflict on damages it could cause, depending the area it

Be advised that I saw with my own eyes and it is recorded on video how
part of a metal or whatever
separated from the satellite while it was burning into the atmosphere
and fell probably very close to
Coro, Venezuela in the mountains while the bigger part fell more to the