Iridium Flare dimensions

Bob Jones (
Wed, 13 Jan 1999 00:02:26 -0500

After several observations of bright Iridium flares, it seems to me that
with the naked eye (wearing glasses) I can see some dimension in each
bright (say, -5 or so) Flare. At its
brightest, it looks to me like a door-shaped opening, exactly like a
door-shaped mirror, albeit sometimes skewed, admitting a rectangular
block of bright light, then a few seconds to become a point
source again.

I have never seen this issue discussed. Do I dream again? Can the eye
really resolve the MMA
at the involved distances or should the Flare ALWAYS be a naked-eye
point source? Do you dudes in Texas have weed this good?

More seriously again, I hope this topic is of sufficient interest to
justify the bandwidth and for someone to run the math on it for me and
comment if they feel so disposed.

--Bob Jones
 Have a good Day today and a better Universe tomorrow.