NOSS 2-3 Rk was late last night.

Ed Cannon (
Fri, 15 Jan 1999 17:08:59 -0600

Last night (early 15 Jan. UTC) NOSS 2-3 Rk (23907, 96-29B) was late,
perhaps as much as a minute.  I was watching from Univ. of Texas at
Austin campus, one-power only, and it didn't go near any bright star, 
so I didn't get a better time estimate.

It was a beautiful night.  Even with one-power only from this poor
location, I was able to see 14 satellites (including 2 Iridium 
flares, one of them a whopper)!  I was *really* wishing I'd been 
able to get to a better site....  (Same situation most weeknights for
another few weeks.)

Oh, one of the 14 last night was an UNID, a bright one low in the NE.  
When I checked afterward, it was ISS!  I had somehow failed to add 
it to the intrinsic mags. file used for last night's predictions....

Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA