iridium #5?

James A Cameron (
Sat, 16 Jan 1999 21:04:21 +1030

Hi all,

My name is James Cameron, in Adelaide Australia.... Hi Tony.

Looked at the GSOC site last night for iridium flash prediction, in
particular iridium #5. On the GSOC site, numbers 36, and 67 were shown. How
ever the Astronomical Society of South Australia site, #5 was shown only. I
used the program Sat Spy 2.5 to do the sky traces, and it also said that #5
was not going to be in the sky. The elset was 1 day old. The interesting
thing was all the flashes occured at the predicted times. That was #36 at
23:31:51 (15th(SA Daylight Saving time +10.5hrs)), #5 at23:40:41 (15th),
and #67, at 04:15:07 (16th).

Why are there differences if every one is using the same elset data,
esspecially if the GSOC site did not show iridium 5 which was the brightest
flare that night at -7 mag, and #36 at about -1, and #67 at about -3????