Re: Web sites for worldwide latitude & longitude

Chris Peat (
Wed, 20 Jan 1999 10:35:56 +0100

I've been recently acquiring data to greatly expand out geographic locations
database at the GSOC web site, and I've now got COMPLETE coverage for every
populated place in the USA and Great Britain (168,000 and 42,000 entries
respectively). The accuracy should be more than good enough for even Iridium
flare predictions, being better than 1km in Britain and better still in the
USA. I'm trying to find easily obtainable sources of data for other
countries too if anyone can help. By easliy obtainable I mean in just a few
large files that can be downloaded and are not copyright protected.

It will take a while before I modify the site to facilitate searches of such
a large database, but I hope to acheive this within the next few weeks.

The USA data came from a single large file that can be downloaded from the
US Geological Survey at;


Chris Peat, Anite Systems
at the Germans Space Operations Centre, Munich