Re: Web sites for worldwide latitude & longitude

Mark A. Hanning-Lee (
Wed, 20 Jan 1999 08:20:43 -0800

Steven Rogers wrote:
> For locations within the US, I've used which will give the
> lat/lon of any point.  (this was available at, but isn't anymore)
> That system has only data for the US and a few other locations in North America,
> however, but it is more accurate than a generic lat/lon for a city.
> Steve

See also EtakGuide which lets you give a street
address for the USA and get a lat / long. If you just give the city
name, it'll give the geographic center of the zip code. You can then
zoom out & zoom back into the interesting area.

You may have to scroll up & down a bit to find the search results on the
search page.