What shall we call the ISS/Zarya/Unity?

Wed, 20 Jan 1999 22:55:53 +0100


Last month a debate erupted on this listserv over what the proper name and
identification of the ISS/Unity/Zarya complex would be.

I think I found the official answer at

This is the draft version of SPACEWARN Bulletin #542.

It states that "1998-067A is and will remain the ID for ISS as well as for
its first module, ISS-Zarya.  Subsequent modules also will likely carry
their own IDs and USSPACECOM numbers , though the two-line elements for the
composite will remain listed only under Zarya, 25544.

You all probably already knew this, but I am desperate to contribute
something to the discussion.


Troy E. Hedgepeth
Chesapeake, Virginia, USA
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