new PPAS8 available !

Kurt Jonckheere (
Thu, 21 Jan 99 20:38:24 PST

hello all,

as most of you know, the Belgian Working Group Satellites has been collecting
observations of flashing periods for several years now.

All these observations are put together in the PPAS :
A database collecting Photometric Periods of Artificial Satellites.

Last two weeks I have been busy to create PPAS Volume 8 :
This PPAS 8 consists of :
- PPAS 7
- All updates to the PPAS 7
- some corrections in the data.
A total of 48648 observations made by more than 150 different persons
are now in our database !
Thanks a lot to all observers !

Also the list of observers has been updated.

You can find everything on the web pages by selecting the link
PPAS (part of Belgian Working Group Satellites) from the VSOHP,
or go directly to :


Kurt Jonckheere (please reply to :
Observations collector of the Belgian Working Group Satellites.