Re: Mir transit of Moon

Mark A. Hanning-Lee (
Thu, 21 Jan 1999 19:00:03 -0800

Matson, Robert wrote:
> For those in southern California, take a close look at the predicted
> track of Mir for your location on Thursday evening, January 21st.
> Mir will make a transit of the moon a little after 6:48pm PST as
> seen from a very narrow strip of land.  Cities on the transit track
> include Huntington Harbour, Westminster, Anaheim and Ontario.
> Basically the track runs diagonally northeast from Huntington
> Harbour.  --Rob

Thanks to Rob for the heads-up! I was able to share that pass with a
colleague and his guest. Went well; from my location Mir passed near the
bright limb of the moon. Mir was a fraction of a degree from the limb.
Jupiter was a few degrees away, so it was nice to see Mir pass between

I'd also shared a -5 Iridium 30 flare with another colleague a bit
earlier, so a good night.

Best, Mark