Superbird (Corrected times)

Gunnar Glitscher (
Sat, 23 Jan 1999 06:04:14 +0100

Sorry, times in my previous message stated as UT actually were MEZ (Middle 
European Time).

Here again the report with correct UT:

Just observed flashes from Superbird A with 10x50 binoculars: 4 flashes of mag 5 
to 6 centered on Jan. 23, 2:50 UT. Flashes were brief (< 1/3 sec.); intervals 
between single flashes 21 sec.(+- 3 sec.).
Start of observation 2:49 UT; clouds made further observations impossible after 
3:00 UT. Due to circumstances the timing data are uncertain to +-2 minutes.
Obviously the flashes occured at the early edge of the time window calculated by 
Robert Matson (THANKS for your alert message!!).

Gunnar Glitscher, Darmstadt, Germany           
49.9N, 8.6E, 120m