Re: STEX, ATEX elsets
Mon, 25 Jan 1999 15:59:30 EST

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>  >It appears as if NRL, subsequent to the regrettable failure of the
>  >experiment, is no longer publishing ATEX  (NORAD 25489) elsets. And there
>  >have never been, to my knowledge, any released for the post-separation C
>  >object, NORAD 25615, which is presumably the ATEX-less STEX main

"Go to Element Sets has been removed because the experiment has ended."

>  >Has anyone here seen either of these two objects?

Prior to the tether failure, I did.  Ref:
>  Elsets for ATEX = #25489 are still available from OIG. The latest is:

The "00066" elsets were generated by the STEX/ATEx program and were believed
to be more accurate than OIG's.  For all practical purposes the observation
predictions were the same with both elsets.

Don Gardner
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