Satellites and Eclipses

Cees Bassa (
Tue, 26 Jan 1999 17:45:54 +0100


I'm a member of the Solar Eclipse Mailinglist, and I recently posted the
following question:

>As we can all check the path of totality for the August Total Solar
Eclipse is going to occur >at 09h31m UT at a Western longitude of 65 and a
Northern latitude of 41. If you were on >the same latitude but on a
longitude of 75 (Philadelphia, USA), and if you were observing
>satellites, it could be possible that a satellite that is illuminated by
the Sun, would suddenly >disappear because it is being eclipsed by the
Moon's shadow. After some seconds, >minutes, it would reappear again,
because the shadow has left or it has moved out of the >shadow.
>Has someone ever observed such an event, or is it not observable because
of some >practical reason I can't think of?
>I hereby think of some picture showing the trail of a satellite that has
just appeared out of >the Earth's shadow, and then disappear again into the
Moon's shadow, after which it will >become visible again.
>Let me hear your thoughts, and encourage the people at the East Coast of
the USA to try >to observe eclipsed satellites on August 11.

This mailinglist seems a good place to ask this question again, and to
encourage observers to try to do such an observation on August 11.

Cees Bassa