Fast Moving Object recorded 1999 Jan 19

Eberst (
Tue, 26 Jan 1999 11:23:10 -0800 (PST)

Following query has been received:  Any identifications
suggested by our posse of space detectives (particularly those from CA)?
My impression is that it might be a GTO object.
>Dear Russell,
>I have received the following report from our observers in California of
>a fast-moving magnitude 8 object:
>The following observations were made the evening of 19 January 1999 from
>Coma Via Observatory (David Chandler) at Springville, CA.  by David
>Chandler, Billie Chandler, and John Sanford. Position: 118d 50'   Lat.
>+36d 05m  Alt. 800' AMSL 
>Fast moving object. Average motion from 12 exposures (Pegasus CCD, 55mm
>f/1.8 lens, 10 sec and 60 sec. integrations): 26.2 d/hour, in P.A. 57d.
>Start of trail positions and times:
>A RA 05h 33m 33s  Dec. -2d 50'   at 06.6711h UT
>B RA 05h 37m 02d  Dec -2d 09'    at 06.7141h UT
>C RA 05h 42m 12s  Dec -1d 21'    at 06.7561h UT
>F RA 05h 48m 46s  Dec -0d 12'    at 06.8430h UT
>G RA 05h 52m 08s  Dec+0d 24'     at 06.8833h UT
>H RA 05h 56m 29s  Dec +1d 07'    at 06.92916 UT
>I RA 05h 59m 44s  Dec +1d 39'    at 06.9725 UT
>J RA 06h 02m 46s  Dec +2d 09'    at 07.0030 UT
>K RA 06h 05m 17s  Dec +2d 35'    at 07.0405 UT
>L RA 06h 08m 28s  Dec +3d 06'    at 07.0803 UT
>The object appeared to be about 8th magnitude. An oscillation in
>magnitude is observed in the trails.
>The astrometry is scaled on computer by David Chandler using Chandler's
>Deep Space program. 
>Any information regarding the nature of this object is requested!
>John Sanford, Starhome Observatory, Springville, CA.
>Thanks, John Sanford 
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