Re: Fast Moving Object recorded 1999 Jan 19

Tony Beresford (
Wed, 27 Jan 1999 08:48:41 +1030

At 05:53 27/01/99 , Eberst wrote:
>Following query has been received:  Any identifications
>suggested by our posse of space detectives (particularly those from CA)?
>My impression is that it might be a GTO object.
Already soved this one Russell, it was indeed a GTO,
#22997 94 10C  also called DFH 3 Rocket in highfly.mag
but SJ4 in alldat.tle. The solution was posted off to
Guy Hurst about 1000UT Jan 26, as I didnt have an e-mail address
for the observer( or their identity).I got the report via Guy Hurst
and Rob McNaught .
Tony Beresford