Lunar "Eclipse" by a Satellite
Wed, 27 Jan 1999 14:51:47 +0100


Due to my involvement in other activities last evening, I just missed seeing
Lacrosse 2 "eclipse" the moon as it passed through the Hyades.  I raised my
10x50s and caught it just as it blew past Aldebaran.  I think I uttered a
few ugly words at myself for not watching my watch more closely.  Which
brings up the question, has anyone actually seen a satellite pass between
there location and the moon?  Could you still see the sat silhouetted
against the moon's illuminated surface?  I plan to target all of my
satellite viewing opportunities to answering these questions for myself.

I also got to watch a lovely pass of the Mir Complex.

Finally, I received an offer in the mail to purchase "Burnham's Celestial
Handbook" in 3 hard cover volumes for only $2.99 for joining the Astronomy
Book Club.  Do any of you have this book/set?  Is it any good?  Would it
suffice for a star atlas?

Happy (satellite) hunting.

Troy E. Hedgepeth
Chesapeake, Virginia, USA
GPS Position: 36.7653N 76.2178W, 6m