Re: Lunar "Eclipse" by a Satellite

Bob Jones (
Wed, 27 Jan 1999 09:30:49 -0500


I have tried a few times to see lunar satellite transits with no luck. 
I think it can be done under the right conditions.  Contrast is somewhat
of an issue.

I paid about $35 for my 3-volume soft cover Burnham's several years ago.
Much of the distances, theories and data have been now outdated by newer
measurements and discoveries but at its WORST it is the best ever.  In
fact the work has no parallel that I know.  I can't imagine being
without it.

-Bob Jones
Newport News, VA, USA wrote:
> Everyone,
> Due to my involvement in other activities last evening, I just missed seeing
> Lacrosse 2 "eclipse" the moon as it passed through the Hyades.  I raised my
> 10x50s and caught it just as it blew past Aldebaran.  I think I uttered a
> few ugly words at myself for not watching my watch more closely.  Which
> brings up the question, has anyone actually seen a satellite pass between
> there location and the moon?  Could you still see the sat silhouetted
> against the moon's illuminated surface?  I plan to target all of my
> satellite viewing opportunities to answering these questions for myself.
> I also got to watch a lovely pass of the Mir Complex.
> Finally, I received an offer in the mail to purchase "Burnham's Celestial
> Handbook" in 3 hard cover volumes for only $2.99 for joining the Astronomy
> Book Club.  Do any of you have this book/set?  Is it any good?  Would it
> suffice for a star atlas?
> Happy (satellite) hunting.
> Troy E. Hedgepeth
> Chesapeake, Virginia, USA
> GPS Position: 36.7653N 76.2178W, 6m