Re: Mir boost

James Husnay Sr. (
Wed, 27 Jan 1999 11:37:42 -0500

NK wrote:

> Small Mir station boost (0.35 m/s) is scheduled for today January 27
> at 14:18:35 UTC. More boosts to follow in the nearest future.

Dear Mr. Lissov and with all due respect to Mr. Agapov Vladimir who sent
the following thread:

> Orbit of Mir station will be raised three times during 27 Jan - 02
> Feb.
> The firs burn will take place today at 14:18:35 UTC, duration 97.4 s,
> dV=0.35 m/s. The next one (1.5 m/s) is scheduled on Jan 29 and the
> last
> (0.85 m/s) - on Feb 02.

I would like to pose these questions. Are these boosts a prelude to the
deployment of the Space Mirror Znamya by the Progress cargo capsule and
has a definite day been set in February for the deployment? And what is
the phonetic pronunciation of Znamaya..... Zna-maya or Znah-mia.
Thank you.