Y2K Recon Satellite Failure

From: Robert Knight (rknight@escape.com)
Date: Sun Jan 02 2000 - 14:48:30 PST

With apologies if off-topic -- is it possible to infer which (visible)
recon sat is being referred to in the following Y2K bug report?

      Spy satellite had Y2K glitch

      WASHINGTON, Jan. 1 (UPI) -- In the only significant Y2K
     problem reported,  one of the Defense Department's
     reconnaissance satellites ran into  millennium-related trouble
     last night shortly after  7:00 pm EST -- midnight  Greenwich
     Mean Time -- and was down for a "few hours," Deputy Defense
     Secretary John Hamre - the Pentagon's appointed "Y2K czar,"
     said Saturday  The satellite continued to function, but a
     ground station was unable to  process its intelligence for two
     to three hours. The system continues to  operate at less than
     full capacity, he said.

      "We had positive control the entire time," Hamre said. He
     said operators for  the system -- which was not a missile
     early warning satellite - switched to  a back up mode of
     processing and was able to restore functionality before
     midnight on the  East Coast.   "The problem was in the ground
     processing system," he said.

Robert Knight
74W00, 40N43

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