ETS-6 and Gorizont 23

From: Matson, Robert (
Date: Fri Jan 07 2000 - 11:09:10 PST

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    Hi Ed,
    Good idea regarding the ETS-6 passes.  If I get enough data,
    I should be able to put together a spin axis, and then the
    flashes will be predictable a la Superbird.
    I was driving home Tuesday evening around 8 pm my time, and
    had a plot in my car showing the track through Orion.  Even
    in the glare of Los Angeles and oncoming headlights, I was
    able to see a few bright flashes through my windshield (at
    least mag 0) about 4 minutes before shadow entry.
    I expect a similar show tonite -- for those who don't know,
    ETS-6 completes about 5 orbits every 3 days, so if you miss
    it tonite, you can try again on Monday night.
    Gorizont 23 is also plenty high up for most of the U.S. to
    observe right now.  I'm sure Kurt would love to get a bunch
    of flash timings on this satellite over the next few weeks.
    It's an easy GEO if you've never seen one, but you need
    binoculars and a decent star map to initially acquire it.
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