Re: Reference Book for VSO computation?

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Sat Jan 08 2000 - 02:12:02 PST

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    Alec Muffett ( wrote:
    > 1) Can someone please tell me what the favoured reference manual 
    >    for satellite prediction algorithms is nowadays?  
    I'm venturing here into things whereof I know not, but anyway ... 
    on Mike McCants' Web site there's a link to Alex Sergejew's Web
    site, which has an HTML version of "Spacetrack Report Number 3 
    from NORAD" (which is on Celestrak in *.pdf and LaTeX).  Sergejew 
    says that it "is a vital exposition of the mathematics behind 
    satellite orbital prediction and the application of Keplerian 
    elements. For example, most amateur satellite tracking programs 
    use one or more of the models described in this report or 
    simplified variants of these."  Here's the URL:
    I believe there's been some discussion here on SeeSat in the past
    couple of years about at least a couple of mistakes in some of 
    the models....
    No ETS 6 for us here in Austin last night due to rain. 
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