Re: Mir and Shadow Entry Q

Date: Wed Jan 12 2000 - 10:24:22 PST

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    In a message dated 01/12/2000 9:33:15 AM EDT, writes:
    > have not been able to view Mir at predicted times.  location southern 
    >  california 33.6245 -117.8514
    >  i am using predictions for los angeles about 40 miles 
    >  distance and german prediction using above coordinates.
    >  any suggestions?
    1.  See if Heavens Above has your particular town in its database.  It has 
    over 2 million locations.  
    2. You can get an accurate longitude and latitude at the US Census Tiger 
    Mapping Service site:
    Locate your observation site.  Record the Lat+Long and enter it into the main 
    page at Heavens Above.  Bookmark the page you get after you enter your 
    location and you won't need to do it again.   An accurate location is 
    necessary for Iridium Flare predictions.
    One more note:
    Last evening when Mir entered eclipse at 23:25:40 UTC, it appeared to turn 
    dark red (like a lunar eclipse) for several seconds, then bright red (like 
    Mars) for about 2 seconds before going completely dark. 
    Don Gardner  39.1796 N, 76.8419 W, 34m ASL
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